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Foretravel Technical Q&A

This section serves to help answer your questions about your Foretravel Motorcoach. You may browse through our database of Questions and Answers or submit your own question to be answered by our Foretravel technicians.


Recently Answered Questions
Q: I have an old 1999 u270 the fuel gauge reads half full when filled up. Do I have to pull the tank to access the sending unit? All related info will be appreciated.
A: No you do not have to pull the fuel tank. Remove the cover at the passenger side of the fuel tank and the sender will be visible at that point.

Q: 1996 40'....At the foot of the bed, beside the breaker boxes are 2 'house' switches. Block heater is understandable. The other says 'Water Heater'...?? Is my house water heater both LP and electric?...or is that switch to keep my holding tanks from freezing in winter. I don't find an electric element on the bath fresh water heater. Tells me it's LP only......?? Thanks much........DB
A: The water heater typically will have an electric element if your coach is equipped with the switch. The element will be located on the rear of the water heater, and is not accessable from the front.

Q: I have 2 Finder breakers located in the bay breaker box. The switches seem to have something to do with the water pump. They have a little window with a red indicator. My problem is....the switches have a small push button that flicks a small red indicator either up or down. As there is no other off/on indicator are the swithches "on" when the indicator is up and in full view or are they "off" in that postion? Inaddition, what do each of them control?
A: These are called latching relays and one is for the water pump and one for the water tank fill valve. They each have the local switch on them in addition to the other switches for the pump and tank fill. When the red indicator is in the window it should mean the switch is engaged and the indicator light for the corresponding switches should be on as well.

Q: On my 1990 u280 , I have two (2) hitch receivers mounted below the front stainless bumpers with what appears are caps/covers in them, what are these 2 off center receivers for?
A: The receivers were installed for emergency towing if needed.

Q: 1996 36' U 295. where is the isolator board located? Thank you
A: Will be located behind the left rear tire or in engine compartment.