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More of Michigan Motorcade
05/06/2015 - 05/31/2015

State of Michigan uses the term “Pure Michigan” to promote tourism. Foretravel Motorcade Club says travel with us to see “More of Michigan.” Some of us will be discovering Michigan for the first time; some have been in Michigan for a quick business trip and some are returning Motorcaders who were so impressed they had to return again and again…So much beauty, so much history, so much industrialization, so much great food, so many friendly people, so many adventures, so many festivals, such great music – all of our lives, each and every one of us have been touched by Michigan!

The Michigan adventure begins on the southwest side of lower Michigan, in Kalamazoo. We’ll visit Air Zoo where we can fly in a flight simulator, view an SR7 Blackbird up close, take a bi-plane ride, and view over 50 aircraft. Kalamazoo is also known for its importance in the world of music as it was the original home to Gibson guitars.

Touring the Gilmore Heritage Center we will see America’s signature collection – our hearts will race as we feel and touch the cars we learned to drive and owned in early years. We might want to take their Model T Driving School.

We’ll find Holland with roots in the most solemn aspects of Dutch culture. Much of the religious conviction remains, as does the traditional Dutch architecture, and ambiance.

142 Tulip Time Festival is a must and will awaken our senses of sight and smell. With hundreds of thousands of tulips in full bloom; Mother Nature has a hand in the blooming but we’ll enjoy the sights, sounds, smells, dancing and foods.

We will marvel at the beautiful sand beaches and the majesty of sunsets over water in the evenings. Did I mention sand? Sand equals sand dunes which we will ride being up close and personal.

The dunes continue to grow – some tower over 450 feet above Lake Michigan. We will be amazed at the huge mountains of sand – bring a bucket or bag if there’s plenty of sand to take home to the grandchildren’s sandbox!

Our stay in Traverse City will have a tour of the Music House Museum. We will be fascinated at the beautiful woodwork, the metal tube work and literally blown away by the music.

Petoskey has a true culture of hospitality and has been coined “Hospitality the Little Traverse Way.” Rich in history, Ernest Hemingway spent 18 summers in the area sailing, fishing and writing. He loved it and you will too. Ever heard of Petoskey stones? Here we’ll learn their history and perhaps take one or two home.

Mackinaw City allows beautiful scenic views of the Great Lakes, Mackinac Bridge and the countryside. The Mackinac Bridge is an engineering marvel which you will cross to the Upper Peninsula. A museum in town shows the construction of the bridge, those who lost their lives, how the bridge has reduced a 16 hour trip to 15 minutes to cross the five mile span of water.
Visiting Mackinac Island to dine at the Grand Hotel is a site to behold.
Ever since 1887, Grand Hotel has welcomed countless guests to Mackinac Island, where bikes and horse drawn carriages are the favored modes of transportation. We will be amazed with a tour of the hotel, view rooms where presidents and heads of state roomed. A short boat ride to and from the island provide a great view of the Mackinac Bridge; don’t forget to bring the camera! With the mode of transportation on Mackinac Island, we are truly stepping back in time.

Sault Ste. Marie is the oldest city in Michigan, and among the oldest cities in the United States. We will tour by boat the Soo Locks where freighters, barges, tugboats and more traverse the 21-foot drop between Lake Superior and Lake Huron. We will visit the Locks Museum, and view the lighthouses. The River of History is a must tour with eleven different galleries covering from beginning to present. The Museum Ship Valley Camp, Tower of History and Water Street historic block are worthy of the time and visit to each for this historic town where the lakes come together and products from all around the world pass through the locks.

The Great Lakes Shipwreck Museum at Whitefish Point has artifacts from the SS Edmund Fitzgerald which went down on 11/10/1975; the ship was made famous by the 1976 ballad by Gordon Lightfoot. The ship’s bell is on display with 29 crew member names who gave their lives that night. A museum with artifacts of wrecks, a lighthouse, crew’s headquarters for overnight stays make this a heartwarming experience.

Tahquamenon Falls State Park is the home to the region’s most famous pair of water falls. The Tahquamenon Falls Brewery and Pub is rustic, unique and a welcoming place for lunch. Oswald’s Bear Ranch is a must see. It has multiple large and small habitats where over 30 black bears permanently reside. Several resident bears have been raised from cubs. New cubs arrive yearly thus the population grows,
156 we will enjoy the little ones as they explore, beg, and cry for our attention.
The Pictured Rocks Cruise is beautiful in the afternoon. The clarity of the water, the glistening of colors from the rocks, tranquil smell of the air, the lighthouses, Miner’s Castle, Painted Coves, Rainbow Cave, Lover’s Leap, caves of all colors, Spray Falls are just a few of the many wonderful and memorable sites.
Frankenmuth is Michigan’s Little Bavaria and has fantastic foods, eclectic shopping, rich historical beauty and culture. The town welcomes visitors with Bavarian hospitality regardless of the season. Yes, yes, Bonner’s Christmas Store is located here. And this is the place to purchase or repair a cuckoo clock too. Hungry for German food, strudel, sauerbraten, blaukraut, buttered spatele, schnitzel, rouladen, kasseler rippchen – don’t know those dishes? Come with us and feast on them. We haven’t even mentioned desserts.

Moving on to Monroe we will venture into Dearborn for a day to visit The Henry Ford. The Henry Ford is a large indoor and outdoor history museum complex named for its founder, the noted automobile industrialist Henry Ford. Touring the magnificent Henry Ford Museum. Greenfield Village, Ford Rouge factory tour and /or at your option the Benson Ford Research Center or the IMAX Theater.

It is here in Monroe where our Michigan Motorcade will en Let’s go smell, touch, taste, walk, bike, drive and feel “Pure Michigan” up close and personal.

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