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Magical Maritime Motorcade
06/21/2015 - 08/04/2015

Why name this motorcade “Magical”?

Rendezvous with us to New Brunswick, Canada for this fascinating 43 day tour and allow us to not just answer, but show you exactly why it is call magical as we caravan through the Canadian Maritime Provinces of New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, Newfoundland, and Labrador. This quest will have us traveling approximately 2,600 driving miles and 400 nautical miles.

This motorcade is non-stop adventure from day one. For example we’ll visit a quaint province with areas unique to the unspoiled ecosystem caused by the world’s highest tides is a great area to spot any of the 15 whale species that consider this beautiful coast a sanctuary.

You’ll find our trip to Prince Edward Island, via the famous Confederation Bridge to be fascinating to say the least.

While in Nova Scotia, we’ll witness the natural phenomenon of the Tidal Bore in Touro and Windsor which by the way happens to be the birthplace of hockey.

We’ll load our motorhomes and tow vehicles and ferry to Newfoundland where the Vikings journey ended and yours is just beginning.

Don’t forget your camera because here and as we bus to Labrador we’ll find a variety of subject matter on land and sea you’ll definitely want to preserve.
Following the Viking Trail through parts of the island, we’ll enjoy the Great Viking Feast, visit a Salmon Fish Ladder, tour any amazing areas, and witness the history and culture.

We cannot begin to come close to describing all there is to see and do on this motorcade.

185 We can only guarantee it will be a time you will make memories that last forever. Sign up today – Don’t wind up on the standby list.

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