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Taste of Indiana
10/18/2015 - 10/28/2015

After the Grandvention,let us show you several amazing areas of Indiana.

While getting a ‘taste’ of Indiana, we will be mixing the “old” with the “new”. Beginning in Indianapolis it’s a race to the Brickyard. Among the beautifully restored first 500 winning cars are the more recent winners.
And a trip around the track is sure to get your adrenalin going for the rest of the event. In the downtown area, we’ll find the historic Union Station that houses several of the original train cars which are now available as guest rooms. Across the street is the state of the art Lucas Stadium where we’ll take a behind the scenes tour of this magnificent sports’ mecca.

We’ll head towards beautiful Warsaw, appropriately known as the city of lakes, and find just north of the area the Whetstone Woodenware where they are still crafting kitchen utensils that have been used for decades.

Splendor boat manufacturers which produce catamaran deck boats should be a very interesting tour.

Be ready to be amazed. Creighton Brothers Egg Farm is opening their doors to show us the production of the new modern and automated hen houses.

From Amish pies to the RV related production companies, the Elkhart area has many attractions you won’t want to miss like the RV/MH Hall of Fame where our own Foretravel founder, CM Fore, was inducted in 2013.

One day of touring take us to several different homes of the Amish to witness their lifestyle and view their beautiful craftsmanship. Oh and one family that milks camels!

There’s a lot in store for this event. We’re sure to have a good time.

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