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Ladies Driving School
11/09/2015 - 11/12/2015

Ladies, here’s an opportunity to participate in a motorcoach driving program designed specifically for you, regardless of your driving skill level. The comfortable classroom sessions, taught by experienced, qualified instructors, is sanctioned by Foretravel, Inc.

A detailed walk-around and hands-on session teaches basic understanding of your motorcoach before the behind-the-wheel driving time begins in one of Foretravel’s latest models.

Apprehension will disappear once you’ve completed the off-road practice area accompanied by your personal instructor.

Husbands or guests are invited to attend several informative seminars that have been planned just for them as well as all meals.

You’ll be quite proud once you’ve completed this course so, let us put you in the drivers seat and gently increase your confidence to the highest level.

This popular event is offered only once a year and the class fills up quick.
A $200 deposit will put you on the reservation list.

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