Foretravel Motorcade Club - one of today's largest and most active owners clubs. Membership enjoys exclusive priviledges, such as the quarterly "The Foretravel Motorcader", and close contacts with the other Foretravel Motorcoach enthusiasts.

 The Foretravel Motorcade Club, sponsored by Foretravel, Inc. and exclusively for Foretravel owners, is one of today's largest and most active owners clubs. The Club hosts, plans, and directs grandventions, rallies, motorcades, and special events.

Management of the Foretravel Motorcade Club and its activities is designated by Foretravel, Inc., and is aided and assisted by the International Board of Directors.

The object of this private club is to provide opportunities for enjoyment, companionship, travel, and recreation for the members.

One of the benefits to club membership is the opportunity to travel with fellow Motorcaders under the leadership of company-trained activity and tour directors.

Travel Insurance

The Foretravel Motorcade Club highly recommends you purchase travel insurance for your upcoming events.  Once the event is priced, travel insurance should be purchased. There are numerous travel insurance companies listed and easily accessible on line to get quotes and compare pricing for each event.

Motorcade events consist of the following:

  • Motorcades 20-50 days long
  • Fun Rallies 3-4 days long and preceeds the FMCA Convention
  • Special Events 3-10 days long
  • Grandventions 3-4 days long, Club business is conducted, and fun activities are planned

Motorcade Club benefits include the following:

  • Motorcader Magazine
  • Membership Directory
  • 10% Discount on parts and labor at participating dealerships. This discount does not apply to fuel, used or sale items, tires, batteries, tax or casualty insurance repairs, which require an estimate for claims purposes.
  • Local Chapter Activities — the Club consists of 11 chapters.
  • Hospitality Two-Night Stop
  • Club Accessories — Jackets, Badges, etc.

First time owners of a new or pre-owned Foretravel motorhome receive complimentary membership in the Foretravel Motorcade Club, a club exclusively for owners of Foretravel, Travco, and Avco motorhomes.

If you are presently the owner of a Foretravel, REALM, or Travco motorhome and would like information on joining the Foretravel Motorcade Club, please contact us via e-mail at or call 1.800.955.6226, ext. 220.

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